Exploring Bio-institutions as Social Lab – Science, Technology and Society. 18, 1, March 2013

With Séverine Louvel and Céline Granjou.
Science and technology Studies usually consider social practices and their environments as dynamic socio-material relations where the stabilising processes of establishing facts, measures, rules, labels and/or standards are at stake. This socio-logical
perspective bears a special interest to the deployment of actions. It considers them without referring to
global structures, or to predetermined constraints (either cognitive, socio-political, etc.). These new sociologies take into account the process of understanding and agreement between people, but also their adjustments to things, technical objects
and natural beings. They are based on the idea of a common world, which is permanently reshaped by complexity, diversity and conflict. As shown by Susan Leigh Star and Ruhleder (1996), any infrastructure relies on a particular ontological solidarism between socio-material entities.
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